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Mar 30, 2019
Lemon Pie Cups

Farmer’s Creamy Lemon Pie Cups require a few ingredients and is so simple to make; you’ll quickly fall in love with this delicious dish! These creamy lemon pie cups are light and delicious! With a simple base of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and lemon juice, the lemon pie cups bake in ramekins for just a few quick minutes,...

Mar 23, 2019
Farmer's Spicy Chili Cornbread Crisps Pie

Farmer’s Spicy Chili Cornbread Crisps Pie is the delicious “all-in-one” dish. With a filling of mouth-watering chili, and a baked crust made from spicy Cornbread Crisps, flour, egg, milk and cheese; this dish will soon find a spot on your regular rotation. The perfect meal for a warm, weekend dinner with the family! Make your...

Mar 19, 2019

Farmer’s Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin is a great way to get some greens into your meal! Did you know Brussels Sprouts are high in fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C? A fun play on the classic gratin, this delicious dish is filled with veggies, cheese and topped with yummy Cornbread Crisps. For a classic cornbread twist, use...

Mar 16, 2019

St. Patrick's Day is around the corner and we’re feeling lucky! Farmer’s “Lucky” Cornbread Crisps treats are a gooey, crumbtastic delight of crushed Cornbread Crisps, marshmallow fluff and melted butter. Yum! In honor of St. Paddy’s day, we’ve added a bit of green food dye, but they’re great for any occasion or just...

Mar 1, 2019

These sweet and salty cookies are easy to make! Packed full of goodness, yet deliciously simple.  Farmer’s “everything but the Kitchen Sink” COOKIES are made with yummy chips of all flavors, coffee, plus of course delicious Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps! But you can use whatever you have on hand. Pretzels, nuts, a variety...

Feb 20, 2019

Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside…start the weekend deliciously with Farmer’s Sweet Banana Crisp Pancakes! Simple, yet indulgent, you’ll whip up these scrumptious pancakes in less than 30 minutes. Made from scratch with cornmeal, bananas and Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps for an extra crispy finish. Slather your...

Feb 13, 2019

Farmer’s Crispy Chicken and Waffles Casserole is stuffed with gooey cheese, fluffy waffles and Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps coated, oven fried chicken! Layered and baked delicious goodness, the family will love this yummy casserole, great for breakfast or whenever you’re in the mood for southern comfort food. Ingredients: ...

Feb 8, 2019

These delicious stuffed mushrooms are a total crowd-pleaser. Tender mushroom caps overstuffed with buttery, garlicky, spicy Cornbread Crisps crumbs topping and baked until golden brown. Our Jalapeno Cornbread Crisps add a spicy kick to this classic dish! Substitute Original for just a touch of sweet...

Jan 31, 2019

Farmer's Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings are the perfect snack for game day or as an appetizer to serve while catching up with friends.  By adding cornbread crisps to your wing recipe, you add another level of crunchy delicious flavor!  Farmer's Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings are spicy, crunchy, and finger-licking good! The only...

Jan 24, 2019

Farmer’s Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Stuffed meatballs have all the flavors of buffalo hot wings without the guilt! A healthier alternative to chicken wings, these buffalo chicken meatballs are the perfect appetizer or main to serve the family. Ingredients: Meatballs: ¾ cup Farmer’s Pantry Original Cornbread Crisps, crushed ...

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